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My Top 10 and the TOS Homeschool Crew Blue Ribbon Awards 2010-2011!

The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew 2010-2011 year has come to an end!  Of the 24 products I’ve reviewed since the Fall of 2010, we have some favourites in our homeschool :) Below, are my favourite 10, in most cases they are now used on a pretty much daily basis in our home or homeschool.  Because I have a hard time ranking them in order (they’re all so terrific), they’re in alphabetical order…

  • BigIQKids – an absolutely fantastic learning tool for Math, Spelling, and U.S. Geography.  My children love this online program so much that they still logon every single day, with no prompting needed from Mom 🙂
  • Collectorz – I’m still leisurely cataloguing all of the many, many books on our shelves – what a great organizational tool!
  • Lanschool – has been a terrific tool to monitor my children’s time on the internet – I haven’t had to blank any screens yet, but it’s nice to hold that option over my son’s head sometimes, LOL.
  • MathRider – has improved since my review: new quests and new dragon lands.  My daughter especially loves this program and her basic math facts continue to improve.  We loved it so much that we went ahead and bought it after the review trial time was over 🙂
  • Nutrition 101 – will continue to be enjoyed by all family members, with its wealth of information and recipes.  It’s especially come in handy since hubby and I found out our cholesterol is a little high.
  • Speekee – my daughter loved this online program for learning Spanish.  We are going to have to come back to it again in future – we’re hoping to learn some Spanish in preparation for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.
  • WonderMaps – we’re going to be using these versatile maps for our entire homeschooling career!
  • Wits & Wagers Family – the best thing about this fun game is that it’s very short.  This makes it easy to squeeze in a game with the whole family between hubby’s two jobs.
  • The Write Foundation – we’re continuing to use this with my 12 year old son.  I’ll be using The Write Foundation’s great writing curriculum again when my daughter’s old enough.
  • Yesterday’s Classics – we continue to read these great e-books which tie into our curriculum daily on our iPod touch 🙂

The TOS Homeschool Crew has announced its Blue Ribbon Awards!  You can see what ALL the crew members voted were the best picks this year HERE.  Check them out, because I didn’t get to review all of the wealth of products reviewed by the crew as a whole.

What a fun year and what a blessing it has been, experiencing wonderful products I may never have discovered otherwise!  Not to mention all the great friendships that we all have formed.  I am pleased to announce that I will be returning to the TOS Homeschool Crew for the 2011-12 season, starting in just a few weeks!  Stay tuned :)

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Kimberly is a homeschooling mother of two living with her dear husband of over 25 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She works from home as a homeschool coach and offers OBM, writing, editing, social media, and tech services. In her free time she likes to hand-spin, knit, read, volunteer in local theatre, and horseback ride.

2 thoughts on “My Top 10 and the TOS Homeschool Crew Blue Ribbon Awards 2010-2011!

  1. The only comment I would have is that these sites cost money. I understand that it is tough to build and maintain a free website – it is the cost that would have me looking elsewhere. Thanks for taking time to review each of these, I will take more time to review each and perhaps in future build in the cost into my budget.

  2. Hi Debora,
    It’s my pleasure to review for fellow homeschoolers! BigIQ kids has a lot of free content. Speekee has a free 2-week trial. The rest are products, not educational websites. For freebies, click on the category Free Homeschooling Resources” on my sidebar 🙂

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