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MathRider – Review

The house has been filled with squeals of delight and exclamations from my 7 year old daughter such as “I did it, I did it!” and “Look at the world I’m in, Mommy!” We have been reviewing MathRider, which we received in exchange for an honest review.

MathRider was easy to download and install. You can set up “Riders” for as many children in your household as you want. In addition to my 7 year old, my 12 year old son enjoyed helping review this program.

MathRider is a math drill program that doesn’t feel like a math drill program. Instead of boring drills, your child will go on Quests to work toward the flag of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Each operation has 4 levels: Easy, Medium, Advanced, and Master.

There is a little story attached to each quest, perfectly narrated, and illustrated by cute little simple illustrations that look like they have been done in the “Paint” program. You can choose to hear “American English” or “British English.” We chose British English and enjoyed the narrator’s English accent. Once the Quest story has played it’s time to jump on your horse and type in correct answers to math problems in order to jump over obstacles and come to the end of your Quest to rescue the princess. You can turn music on to accompany your ride on or off.

As you tackle each segment of the quest, you can view the quest map and see how much further you have to go to finish your level, and what “land” you are coming up to next. Here is what The Quest Map looks like:

Beautiful landscapes like this one in the Elven Lands, are what my daughter was squealing in delight about:

My children loved watching each other play MathRider as the beautiful scenery scrolled by, and watching the Quest stories over and over.

For each segment of the quest, math problems get more difficult and the obstacles come up faster. By the time your child has reached the master level, they really have to know those facts! Once they have completed Easy, Medium, and Advanced, they will go on to the “Master” quest – if your child has not attained at least 99% mastery in facts up to this point, they have to go back and do the Advanced quest again in order to move on to the Master Quest. Your student can repeat this as often as needed to attain mastery.

The Master Quest involves a short, challenging ride with a time limit. If they don’t succeed in rescuing the princess the first time, they can try again until they do. Every time your child completes a level, they get something new on the main screen such as a sparkly, magical flower. As they master each operation, they gain a flag, and at first get a castle and then additional pieces for the castle.

This You-Tube video does an excellent job of showing what MathRider is like. It’s also a great tutorial to watch after you buy:

There were two minor inconveniences for me in the MathRider program. MathRider runs in a fixed-sized window. Before I start it up each time, I have to adjust my screen resolution so that the entire window can be seen, otherwise it cuts off the bottom and you can’t see the math problems (I’m using Windows Vista on my laptop). The other minor irritation is that I haven’t been able to find a way to logout each student but leave the program running to log in another – you have to exit the program and restart it.

We have been enjoying MathRider. My son happily flew through the entire addition mastery for me so we could see how it works and is becoming faster with his multiplication and division facts. My daughter is almost through to her mastery of addition. We LOVE this product so much that yesterday I bought it since we only had a key code for a limited time for this review.

Give MathRider a free trial run for 7 days and see how your child improves. The cost is $47 US including all future updates. MathRider also has a fantastic, 30-day money-back guarantee, so give it a try risk-free now!

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