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North Star Games: Wits & Wagers Family – Review

We are huge board game enthusiasts.  In fact, my son and husband recently participated in the Great Canadian Board Game Challenge in Halifax, playing board games for a full day, and placed very well. We also have bi-annual Board Game Days at our home, where we play games all day and into the night with our friends. We often incorporate boardgames into our regular homeschool day.

Our whole family was delighted to learn that a board game from North Star Games was on its way. I received Wits & Wagers Family in exchange for an honest review 🙂 When we opened the package, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the game. The box is sturdy (unlike some other popular games whose boxes fall apart easily), and the game pieces are all nice and sturdy, including

wooden Meeples just like those in a game we already have, Carcasonne.

You can play Wits & Wagers Family with 3-10 players: up to 5 individual players, or 5 teams. The game is very simple, easy to explain, and only takes 15-20 minutes to play. It is SO nice to have a quick and easy game we can play with the whole family, even in the time between my husband’s two jobs! Each round, a trivia question is asked. The answer to that question is always a number, which each player guesses at and writes on his own write-on/wipe-off board, which is then placed on the table. Each player then places their two Meeples either on one board or two boards, deciding who they think has the correct answer. Players get points for writing the correct answer, and for placing their Meeples on the correct answer, until somebody reaches 15 points. Wits & Wagers Family is the family version of the original Wits & Wagers game (also by North Star Games). The box recommends players be 8 years old and up, but we quickly realized that this is a game easily played by a 6 year old as well. In fact, Wits & Wagers Family is now my 6 year old daughter’s favourite game. After the first time we played it, she demanded we play it “Again, again”. She now requests we play it often. She also takes it out just to play with the Meeples sometimes, LOL.

Guess what? Wits & Wagers, like all board games in my opinion, is educational. If you would like some ideas for linking it to your math or history curriculum, go to for lessons and downloads for using it in your school or homeschool. Just a note: this is referring to the original Wits & Wagers game for 10+, but can easily be tweaked for use with the Family version.

Wits & Wagers Family retails for $19.99 US. Ask for it at your local retail, toy, or gaming store. It would make a great gift for any family! Would you like to win a free game or t-shirt? Visit North Star Games on Facebook and learn how to enter their monthly draw.

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