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Lanschool Family Monitoring & Protection Software – Review

The Lanschool program allows you to monitor, manage, track, restrict, control, and teach with the computers in your home.  I received Lanschool in exchange for an honest review 🙂

The amount of control you have with this program is almost unlimited.  All you need is more than one computer and either wireless internet or a network.  So what are some of the things you can do?

  • Click on “Blank Screen” to black out your student’s screen.  The default message says “Eyes to the Front please…”, but I changed mine to “Report to Mom please…”
  • View the child’s screen and see exactly what they are doing anytime.  You can even take a screenshot.  Do you have many children?  You can view all their screens at once as thumbnails.
  • Click on “Control” and you can control the student’s computer with yours – scroll with the mouse, point and click.
  • Create a test that pops up on their screen.
  • Send messages to your student that pop up in front of anything they are working on.
  • Ask all your students a question which they can answer up on their screen.  The results pop up on yours.
  • Click “Clear Desktop” and you close down everything on your student’s computer
  • Click “Mute” and you mute your student’s speakers
  • Click “Run” to start a specific program on your student’s computer
  • You can change the settings to limit certain websites, applications, and computer drives
  • Click “Limit Print” to prevent the student from printing (this is great for little ones playing internet games – something always seems to come up at the end to print and when my daughter was little she had printed out pages and pages without me realizing it)
  • View the student’s internet history with just a click
  • View everything your child has typed on the computer

It does come in pretty handy.  Just today my daughter complained there was something wrong with the computer while she was playing a game.  I checked it out on my laptop while she was playing on the PC and it was an error message – so I just took control of the computer and got rid of the message, all without leaving the comfort of my seat LOL.  Of course, more importantly, I can keep close tabs on my children’s  internet and computer usage.  I don’t personally like to blank my child’s computer or mute it remotely.  I prefer to simply talk to them, but I can see these tools being useful for a household with many children, or a highly distractable child.

Lanschool is available as a download for computers using Windows, Mac, or Thin.  A lifetime licence for up to 3 computers costs $99 US and includes 3 years of updates and support.  If you need up to 10 computers, you’ll need the $299 US version.  You can download a FREE 30-Day Trial right now and see if you like it!  (Please note that Lanschool Lite is not available to Homeschoolers).  Oh, and there is also a free iPod download to use in conjunction with Lanschool – it lets you or your student message each other, and a few other things.

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