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Math Tutor DVD – Pre Algebra and TI-83/84 Calculator – Review

Math Tutor DVD offers a number of DVD’s dealing with math concepts from counting through Calculus, and even Physics.  These DVD’s can be used along with any homeschool math curriculum, or for the child who is having trouble with math in school and needs a little extra help.  As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received two Math Tutor DVD’s in exchange for an honest review 🙂

The Pre-Algebra Tutor: Volume 1 is a2-DVD set with 5 hours of video.  I think this would be a terrific set for children around Gr. 4/5 and up, as well as children taking Pre-Algebra (generally Grade 8).  It would also be a great way for a homeschooling parent to review all those things that they have forgotten from their own math education, such as “what is a Real Number”.  It begins with a thorough explanation and exploration of Real Numbers and The Number Line, including definitions and ends with the Order of Operations.  Each Section is approximately half an hour long, which is probably the extent of a child’s attention span for one sitting – it was for my son, currently in Grade 7 math, at any rate 🙂

These are not flashy videos, it is very simply the tutor, Jason, in front of a whiteboard.  I like this simplicity myself, as it brings things down to just the math, and explains things simply and thoroughly.  While my accountant husband found it distracting whenever Jason made a mistake, erased it, and continued, it didn’t bother me or my son.  And my husband did like how Jason explained absolute value.  Free Sample Videos of the Pre-Algebra: Volume I DVD set are available HERE.  And of course the Pre-Algebra: Volume II set is also available.

Is your child working on advanced math with a super duper fancy graphing calculator?  The Texas Instruments TI-83/TI-84 Calculator DVD set is for you.  I can’t imagine what going through a thick manual on how to use this calculator would be like!  This set is a must-have as you pull your new calculator out of the box.  Watch the introduction to get acquainted with your new calculator, and then have Jason walk you through all the many functions step-by-step in this 8 hour, 3 DVD set.  If you already have the calculator, choose which of the 37 sections of the DVD set you want to watch, from basic arithmetic to graphing and calculating mortgages, and press play.  Instead of Jason in front of a white-board, you see only a digital calculator which takes up the entire screen.  You follow along with the pointer as Jason enters information and walks you through each step-by-step calculation verbally.  You can easily see what is coming up on the calculator’s screen, and should be able to easily follow along step-by-step with your own calculator to get familiar with it and how it works.  Check out what the video looks like by viewing a sample HERE.  A DVD set for the TI-89 Calculator is also available.

These DVD sets are available for $26.99 US each.  Shipping and handling is a flat fee of $19.99 US (via Fedex) across Canada, no matter how many DVD’s are in your order.  So you can really save on an order of more than one, but this makes the cost of just one a bit steep.  You can also save more by purchasing the DVD’s in bundled sets. Math Tutor DVD’s return policy is terrific, “If you are not 100% happy, you may return the DVD for a full refund” within 30 days of purchase. OR you can take advantage of Math Tutor DVD’s new membership program (with no shipping costs).  Membership is $19.95 per month and includes access to ALL courses online, downloadable worksheets, access to new unreleased courses, access to discussion forums, and 25% off any DVD purchase.

Would you like $10 off one DVD?  Click here to learn about how you can get a $10 coupon by becoming a “fan” of Math Tutor on Facebook.  Also, join the mailing list and be entered into a draw every month to win a complete bundle of Math Tutor DVD’s worth $435 US, as well as being notified when they release a new DVD.

You may also want to check out Jason’s free video podcasts on Mental Math Secrets.

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