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Math Tutor DVDs Review

Does your child have trouble with some part of math, such as word problems or Algebra, or even Calculus or Physics?  Math Tutor might just be what you’re looking for!  If you have a child like mine, who resists written math, it’s very nice to have an instant in-home tutor right in your Living Room.  With some subjects, it can be very important to have someone else explain it at times – you know how they just seem to listen more intently when it’s not MOM? 

Math Tutor DVDs are not fancy, it is simply the instructor, Jason Gibson, in front of a whiteboard.  In my opinion, this is a good thing – there are no distractions, just simple step-by-step math problems.   The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor DVD Set is 2DVDs featuring 8 hours of Jason working step by step through word problems, separated into sections such as Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, as well as Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, and Ratios.  Is your child stumped on a word problem involving Fractions?  Simply turn on the DVD, start up that section and have him work through a few of the problems with the tutor and then go back to the math problem that was giving him trouble.  It was very easy for my 10-year old son to follow along.  I love how Jason goes over the likely phrasings for each kind of question before he starts – for instance questions asking for the difference, how much bigger, smaller, more, less would be asking for subtraction.  I also love how he tends to draw quick little pictorial sketches to represent what the problem is talking about, a good technique to use with your children when they’re starting to work through these type of problems, especially if you have a visual child.  You can view samples of the video here.
Just a note, once in awhile Jason does make little verbal addition errors (7 + 11 is not 17 in Section 3 for instance).  So please do be aware, and see if your children can catch the tutor making an error.  Although this may be frustrating, I think these instances are a good opportunity to show your children how easy it is to make a little addition error, and that they should always write down and check their work.  I will be taking this video out again and again as my children learn new concepts such as percentages and ratio.

The Algebra 2 Tutor DVD Set is 2 DVDs covering problems from Graphing Equations and The Slope of a Line to Solving Polynomial Equations and The Quadratic Formula.  While my children are not this far in their math studies (at the ages of 5 and 10 LOL), my son was able to follow along for a good portion of the first DVD, as everything is explained clearly and thoroughly.  In fact, this set would be terrific for parental review before teaching your children these concepts in your homeschool – if you’re like me you’ve long forgotten how all of this works from way back when you were in school!  We will definitely be taking this back off the shelf in a couple years when we’re ready to delve into Algebra.  You can view video samples here.  This DVD set also has an optional Companion Worksheet CD

These DVDs are available for $26.99 US each.  Shipping and handling is a flat fee of $19.99 US (via Fedex) across Canada, no matter how many DVDs are in your order.  So you can really save on an order of more than one, but this makes the cost of just one a bit steep.  You can save more by purchasing the DVDs in bundled sets.  And there’s a  available that contains worksheets to print out for every section of the DVDs. LIMITED TIME FREE BONUS: Each new Math Tutor DVD customer receives 60 minutes of FREE live online tutoring available 24/7 through!  A $35.00 Value!  That makes the DVD’s a terrific deal, especially if your child is struggling in math.  Alternatively, you could get your Homeschool group together for one big order and split the shipping, but then you would have to fight over the free online tutoring  Math Tutor’s return policy is terrific, "If you are not 100% happy, you may return the DVD for a full refund" within 30 days of purchase.  Also, when I emailed Jason a question, he responded in just a few minutes, so great customer service is available!

Would you like $10 off one DVD?  Click here to learn about how you can get a $10 coupon by becoming a "fan" of Math Tutor on Facebook.  Also, join the mailing list and be entered into a draw every month to win a complete bundle of Math Tutor DVDs worth $435 US, as well as being notified when they release a new DVD.

Update March 5th:  I just had to share this little anecdote.  Today on a long car ride, my daughter was playing on a magna-doodle.  My son asked to use it and started to teach my daughter: "Now, if you have 4 barbies and bring them to your friend’s house who has 3 barbies, how many barbies do you have to play with in all?"  LOL  He sounded EXACTLY like Jason on the video, right down to how he was writing everything down.  My daughter, 5 years old, was an apt pupil, learned a lot, and it was downright adorable.

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