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Young Minds – Numbers & Counting DVD – Review

Math Tutor DVD has come out with a new series!  You may remember my previous review of their Algebra & Word Problem DVDs, and their DVDs offer math help all the way up through Calculus and Physics. Now, they have a series for young children, entitled “Young Minds”. The first offering involves numbers and counting. 

As a music teacher, my ears were delighted to hear the soothing sounds of Classical, Baroque, and Romantic composers such as Bach and Beethoven throughout.  First, the number one appears on the screen, followed by pictures and videos of various things which are then counted, followed by the number two, and all the way through to the number 10. I was impressed with the gorgeous visuals – stunning photographs and video clips with such luscious colours and perfect clarity – food that looks like you can reach out and eat it, and fuzzy animals that look like they’re close enough to touch.  The little girl who does the voice-over for the video has a terrific voice, just adorable. 

But I’m an adult, what do the children think? My 5 year old daughter and her friend enjoyed watching – in particular they enjoyed the bonus materials, especially the “What Animal Am I” – an extreme close up of an animal is shown and as the camera pans back, clues are given as to which animal it is. The two girls were jumping up and down, guessing, and the adults in the room got in on the guessing game too.  A toddler I showed the video to was absolutely absorbed by it – he would shout out when he saw something he really liked, such as “flowers”! I like that it’s not just mundane things like cats, apples, and oranges that are showcased on the DVD, but also things like meerkats, apricots, and colourful cans of paint.  What a wonderful way to reinforce counting to 10 and identifying numbers!

If you’d like to see a video clip and some screen shots, go to the Math Tutor DVD website. You can purchase the DVD at Young Minds Numbers and Counting on for $9.64. Also, join the Math Tutor mailing list and be entered into a draw every month to win a complete bundle of Math Tutor DVDs worth $435 US, as well as being notified when they release a new DVD.

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