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Math Mammoth Review

math mammoth review

Math Mammoth Review


Math Mammoth is a terrific, well-thought out, pedagogically sound math curriculum. I received the Blue Series Fractions 1&2, Decimals 1&2, and Geometry 1 e-books to peruse and test with my 9 year old son. The Blue Series consists of explanations of concepts, by topic, complete with problems for Grades 1-5. Also available are The Green Series which are pure and simply worksheets organized by topic, The Light Blue Series which are complete curricula, and The Golden Series which are worksheets organized by Grade, for Grades 3-8.

I love the idea of studying math by topic – and following it through as thoroughly as you think your child capable, regardless of grade level. I liked the preface to each e-book, which consisted of tips for teaching and some wonderful links. The explanations for each concept introduced are terrific, with just the right amount of problems following to ensure the student understands.

These e-books could also be used to go over a concept that your child isn’t quite “getting” in any curriculum you are using, and then getting back to it after they understand. The Blue Series books download for between $2 and $5 US on the Math Mammoth website. They are also available at Currclick. Or if you prefer the softcover edition, these can be purchased at

In addition, I highly recommend signing up for the Math Mammoth newsletter on the website as it is incredibly informative and useful, and includes some free math worksheets. You can also sign up to receive her math “e-course” with several math-teaching articles.

This is my favourite article, Is Your Math Curriculum Coherent? It compares the math curriculum of North America vs. high-achieving countries in math – absolutely fascinating, and of course points out how thorough and focused the Math Mammoth program is.

Unfortunately, although I think this is a great program, my son seems to have a written-math phobia, and after taking a brief delving into Math Mammoth, we are back into Teaching Textbooks on the computer once again. I do however look forward to bringing my daughter into this program when she’s old enough 🙂

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