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Let’s Make a Webpage Ebook – Review

**Please note: Motherboard Books no longer offers this ebook**

Motherboard Books offers Homeschool curricula for Computer Science.  I received the Let’s Make a Web Page!  e-book and promptly began covering a Lesson a day from it with my 9 year old (Gr. 4) son.  What fun we had learning to design a webpage from scratch!  Phyllis’ instructions are conversational and very easy to follow, and (except for the fact that I had so much fun sharing and learning with him) my son was able to pretty much do everything himself.  The free downloadable web design software was extremely easy to use.  Not only did my son design a page, but interviewing and note-taking were part of the process, so it was a great overall learning exercise.  He is very eager to do more, and I will shortly be setting him up with his own website so that he can create and post to his heart’s content.  We simply used the e-book on the computer and did not print it out, however, for ease of use, I would recommend printing out each lesson.
This e-book is designed for children aged 8-12 and is available at the introductory rate of $19.99.  It is also available for the same price at The Old Schoolhouse Store.  At the Motherboard Books website, you can also sign up to receive Phyllis “The Computer Lady’s” informative newsletter, and receive a Free Scavenger Hunt from the Computer Science Pure and Simple curriculum.  While I have not had a chance to try this curriculum in our homeschool, it uses the “Logo” computer language which my son has been using for Computer Science this year and has been thoroughly enjoying it – I would highly recommend using it as an introduction to computer languages and programming.  You can give programming in Logo with the “turtle” here.

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