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Kite Capers – Download N Go E-book – Review

Spring is around the corner, and what better time than Springtime to learn about kites, make them, and fly them?!  The newest addition to the Download N Go E-book series, Kite Capers, is all about kites.  I received this e-book in exchange for an honest review 🙂

As with all Download N Go e-books, this week-long unit study is full to the brim with links, activities, book suggestions, poems, biblical quotes, lapbook activities, and more!

What will your child learn?

Day 1: What Is a Kite?

Day 2: The History of Kites

Day 3: Kite People and Places

Day 4: Science Secrets of Kites

Day 5: Goodies and Gadgets of Kites 

One of our favourite days of this unit study is Kite People and Places.  I think we all know that Benjamin Franklin used kites for his experiments.  But this e-book mentions other inventors who used kites.  Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell loved kites and used them in many experiments?  If you live in or want to visit Nova Scotia, after learning about kites with this e-book you can go to the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Cape Breton, see the kites that Bell made, and make some of your own.  You can also get an entire teacher’s package while at the museum, to help you study Bell in more detail at home.  You can also download lesson plans from Parks Canada regarding Bell and kites HERE.

The terrific thing about this e-book is its depth.  Amanda Bennett doesn’t stop at information and activities on kites – she also includes information and activities about wind, flight, clouds, and more!  Every subject is covered from math to science to spelling.  You couldn’t find a more thorough unit study – I learned a lot myself.  When the snow melts away and the freezing rain is gone around here, we’ll be pulling out this unit study again.

Kite Capers is available for download now in The Schoolhouse Store for $7.95 US.  To see all the Download N Go titles available, click HERE.  To see my reviews on other Download N Go titles, go to…

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