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Play Free Educational Games on the Wii – wow!

I just found out that we could play FREE educational games on the Wii!  Imagine my children’s excitement this morning when their first workbox of the day contained instructions to play games on the Wii 🙂 
Just go to the Arcademic Skill Builders Website – if you haven’t already hooked up your Wii to the internet, there’s a link to the tutorial for you on this page.  Afterward, go to the website on your Wii and choose from 6 free educational games.

Now, here is another website with free games that work on the Wii, but this time they’re not educational per se, just fun.  We’ve been playing these for years on our PC.  They’re adorable, gentle games with beautiful music: Orisinal.

For those of you without a Wii, the Academic Skill Builders Website also has many games to play on your PC, and all of the Orisinal games can be played on PC as well.



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