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Kid Scoop – Reluctant Reader Solution – Review

The Kid Scoop name may already be familiar to you, as you may have seen Kid Scoop’s weekly page of activities in your local paper.  I received The Reluctant Reader Solution from Kid Scoop in exchange for an honest review 🙂

The Reluctant Reader Solution has two parts that are included in the purchase price:

Part One:  A downloadable collection of 60 mini-unit studies of about 6 pages long each.

Part Two:  A 12 month subscription to The Kid Scoop News Online Monthly Newspaper.  These are typically about 20 pages long.

The mini unit studies consist mainly of worksheet-type pages, some of which overlap and you will see again in the Kid Scoop Newspaper.  You will need to print out both the Newspaper and the mini unit studies in order to complete the puzzles etc. The online newspaper also has a feature that allows a computer voice to read to you. We’re not big worksheet fans in our homeschool, but the topics are interesting.  We especially enjoyed the February, 2011 newspaper with the topic, “pencils”, (below) which included fascinating facts about pencils, and pictures of amazing pencil sculptures. In the January issue, the “birthdays without presents” ideas resonated with us, as for the second year in a row, my 12 year old has requested “no presents” for his birthday party.  I love that lessons on money and interest are included in this issue of the newspaper as we love to teach the children all about money.  Other topics in the e-books and newspapers include:  Valentine’s, Easter (bunnies only), Mother’s Day, S’mores, Big Foot, Vaccinations (if you are “anti-vacc” you wouldn’t like this particular one), Orcas, The Maya, Reading Nutrition Labels, Tom Sawyer, and many more! I can see us coming back to the e-books and newspaper to accent topics we are studying in our homeschool.  All the materials in The Reluctant Reader Solution would appeal to children in Kindergarten/Primary through Grade 8.  You or your child would pick and choose the activities to complete, as some are for the younger kids and some are geared more for the older kids.

You can view more samples of the Kid Scoop newspaper HERE.

Do you want to have fun exploring newspapers with your children and making them part of your curriculum?  Kid Scoop has a free 30-day newsletter called “Make Reading Fun” that you can sign up for on their website, just click on “30 Awesome Exercises and Ideas to Make Reading Fun!”  There are a ton of other freebies and resources on their website, so take a browse!Photobucket

The Kid Scoop Reluctant Reader Solution is available in English or Spanish and is available for $97.00 US.  While that is pricey, especially since you have to print everything yourself, Kid Scoop’s 365 Day Unconditional Guarantee means you get 365 days of activity sheets plus 12 months of Kid Scoop online, all risk-free.  If you haven’t been able to get your child interested in reading this may be well worth it.

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