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Expo to Go – Get your ticket now!

Have you listened to the MP3’s from last fall’s Schoolhouse Expo?  I like to download them and listen to them on my iPod while I’m going about my daily activities.  The talk by Zan Tyler about Avoiding Homeschool Burnout is a good one to listen to at this time of year.  She shares the story of King Nebuchadnezzar from the Bible, and the “fiery ordeals” that we sometimes walk through as moms when we are homeschooling.  It’s great perspective during these long, cold months of winter.

If you enjoyed the fall Expo, you’re going to enjoy the upcoming Expo in May!  The Schoolhouse Expo’s Expo To Go tickets are now on sale!  For $19.99 you get all the MP3 downloads of the Expo after it’s held in May, plus free gifts.  Here is what you get in your package of free downloadable gifts worth over $175!

If you would prefer to attend the Schoolhouse Expo live, the Live Expo ticket is just $29.99 right now, a savings of $10!  AND you will receive free downloadable gifts worth over $200.  But hurry, the tickets are 2/3 of the way sold out already!

For more information about the Expo to Go and Expo Live tickets, click HERE.

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