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Download N Go: Seashells – Review

Sunny Seashells!  It’s the newest Download N Go title in the series by Amanda Bennett.  These unit studies can be used as a curriculum on their own, or combined with whatever you are using in your homeschool.  I was given a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review 🙂

What will your P/K to Gr. 4 child learn over this 5-day unit study?

Day 1:  Seashells—What Are They?

Day 2:  Seashells and History

Day 3:  Types of Seashells

Day 4:  The Science of Seashells

Day 5:  Let’s Have a Seashell Party!

As with every Download n Go study, Sunny Seashells includes links to videos and interactive websites, a list of book suggestions for each day, spelling/vocabulary words, Biblical quotes, games, colouring pages, beautiful pictures, activities, and crafts.  There is also a lapbook included for those who enjoy lapbooks in the course of their homeschooling.

My 6 year old daughter loves seashells.   She particularly loved the videos of gorgeous, colourful seashells.  I liked the tie-in to stamp collecting (with the introduction of the word philately), and the opportunity to bring out and show off my stamp collection to my daughter.   I also like the ideas for Family Fun listed at the end of the study, and that this study ends with a little “unit celebration” party.  We will be diving into this unit study again on our next outing to the beach.

Sunny Seashells is now available for download at The Schoolhouse Store for $7.95 US.  Other Download N Go titles you may like that I have also reviewed…

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