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WriteShop Primary Book A – Review

WriteShop is known for its writing program for Grades 6-12.  A couple months ago, I did a review on their StoryBuilders creative writing prompts.  Now they have a writing program for the early grades.  WriteShop Primary is for Primary to Grade 3 students.   Primary Book A consists of two books – the Activity Set Worksheet Pack and the Teacher’s Guide.  The options given for working through this program are fantastic – it can be tailored to a pre-writer as well as a beginning writer.  And scheduling guidelines are given for each grade level – for Primary/Grade 1 a 3-week lesson plan is recommended, completing the book in one year.  The 2-week lesson plan completes 3 books in 2 years, and the 1 week lesson plan completes all 3 books in one year.  If you also have slightly older children, there are "Flying Higher" ideas so you can include them as well.  My daughter having just turned five, we opted for the 3-week lesson plan.  With this plan you can work through the book gradually – a little bit every day, over a couple of days, or every other day through the week.  A sample teacher-student dialogue is given for each lesson – WriteShop hasn’t missed a thing to help you step by step through teaching the material.  The introduction also gives all sorts of wonderful ideas such as materials to make learning fun and storage ideas to keep everything in.

Each Lesson in the student’s Activity Worksheets has a theme.  For example, Lesson 1 is "Animals".  We printed out one Lesson of worksheets at a time.  If your child loves to colour pictures like my daughter does, they’ll love the worksheets with the adorable little cartoon illustrations.  The worksheets also include crafts to cut out and complete.  With my daughter, we did very little printing – doing a lot of the stories verbally, and only printing those words and sounds we’ve already covered while we continue to study using The Phonics Road.  There are a lot of great things for the not-yet-reading child, including little stories with pictures in place of some words so your child can help you "read".  And for those children who are printing, great little printing pages for their stories are included.  This is a wonderful addition to any phonics or reading program that you’re already using in your homeschool – making creative writing fun right from the start.

WriteShop’s Primary Book A is available as both a physical book and in e-book format on the website. The e-book Teacher’s Guide is $24.25 and the Activity Set Worksheet Pack is $4.50.  (Buying the e-book will save you $2.50 as well as the approximate $5 shipping charge).   Or you can purchase at The Old Schoolhouse Store.  You really do require both books for this program – hopefully WriteShop will bundle them together in future so they can be bought with one click to avoid confusion.  While only Primary A is available at this time – the Primary B book is due out in a couple months, with Primary C following this fall.

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