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Visual Manna – Live Internet Art Lessons – Review

Visual Manna, "Educating With Art Since 1992", teaches English, History, Math, Science, and Social Studies through Art.  What an exciting concept!  In addition to online classes they offer books on CD and art materials.  Click HERE for some free sample pages.

Visual Manna was holding FREE art lessons online last week, so naturally I signed up to participate with my two children.  Friday morning found my children excitedly sitting at a small table in front of the computer, pencils in hand, charcoal and paper ready.  Unfortunately it took about 10-20 minutes for Sharon Jeffus and her son to get the visual and then the audio working – don’t you just hate computers sometimes LOL.  Finally the class started, with some great information on periods of art and looking at some examples of works.  Sharon had provided us with many online links at the beginning of the lesson, which are just fantastic.  Sadly, my children started to get bored as they really wanted to DRAW!  Finally they reached the drawing part just as my 9 year old started to walk away, and I roped him back in.  My two children quickly became incredibly frustrated.  We could only see Sharon’s face – she would draw something on her lap, and then hold it up in front of the computer.  While we learned a lot about periods of art, light, and atmospheric perspective, I really cannot recommend an art program where you cannot SEE the drawing being completed and thus learn "how to".  Hopefully Sharon will reorganize her computer webcam so we can SEE her drawing someday.  She is an incredibly knowledgeable artist and her drawings are fantastic.  A 16-week online art class costs $250 US and includes 4 books on CD.  Also offered are classes for 4 – 8 year olds which run for 8 weeks and cost $25 US per lesson – if you sign up for a block of 4 at a time you receive 2 books on CD.

Update…I just found out that Sharon is currently offering FREE INTERNET LESSONS and some specials.  For a free lesson from Sharon Jeffus, contact her on her website. 
Four Lessons of 1 1/2 hours each for only $10.00 per lesson.  Buy 4 lessons and get one free.  Each lesson will discuss four master artists:
1. Lesson one will explore ways of making things look real when drawing.  One finished composition included.  Students will be able to contact the teacher via email and also scan and email their finished work for comment.
2. Lesson two will cover one and two point perspective.  Learn how to draw houses, cities, rooms and bridges in perspective.  One finished drawing included.  Look at architecture around the world.
3. Lesson three will explore color and how to mix and blend.  Master artists’ use of atmospheric perspective will be shown.  The colour wheel and how to shade with a complement will also be done.  A completed work in color will be included this lesson.
4. Lesson four will show the basics of painting.  Paint on watercolor paper and do a finished picture.
5. Lesson five is FREE if you order all four lessons.  Sculpture and study famous sculptures and how to do them.
This all begins February 4.  Contact Sharon for other starting dates.  

SPECIALS until February 15th…
Art Through The Core Package on CD $35.00
Artsy Animals Learning Series on CD $35.00
Art Curriculum and Packages $100 on CD

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