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The Write Foundation – Part 2 – Review

Since writing my Review of The Write Foundation’s Essay Writing Curriculum – Part 1 (Lessons 1-15), I have received Part 2 (Lessons 16-30) of the curriculum to use and review.  Many upgrades and revisions have been made to the curriculum overall, based on reviewers’ input.

Assignments continue to include essays and poetry.  Essay topics include National parks and the Bible, and timed essays are included.  Mind Benders are recommended as a warm-up each lesson (we love Mind Benders in our homeschool).  Games have been adapted for use with as few as one student (when before they were explained for use in a co-op setting).  There is now a Daily Schedule mapped out for using a Lesson per week, and for a Lesson over two weeks.  I love how easy it is to adapt this curriculum to fit into our schedule, and in fact The Write Foundation won a Blue Ribbon from TOS for Most Adaptable Resource for the 2010-2011 year.  I like this program’s stance on Wikipedia “Wikipedia may be used for general brainstorming but never a quote” because I wholeheartedly agree!

My son hasn’t worked through the entire curriculum yet, as we’ve been working leisurely through it, and we will continue to enjoy using it this homeschool year 🙂  I highly recommend checking out this curriculum for your children age 11-18.  There are three levels to choose from: Sentence to Paragraph Writing, Paragraph Writing, and Essay Writing.

As mentioned in my The Write Foundation Review – Update post, the curriculum now only costs $70 US for the entire package – Lessons 1-30.  Shipping is available to the U.S. and Canada (shipping to Canada costs $20).  International orders only may choose an e-book version, for $70 and no shipping costs.  All three levels (sentence, paragraph, essay) are also available as a package for only $180 US.  Order directly through The Write Foundation’s website.

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