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Digital Field Trips by Digital Frog – Review

Digital Frog International is a Canadian company located in Guelph, Ontario!  You may know Digital Frog for its digital frog dissection program, but that’s not all they offer.  I received a copy of Digital Frog’s Digital Field Trip Series DVD-Rom in exchange for an honest review, as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew 🙂

The Digital Field Trip Series DVD-Rom includes 3 digital field trips:

  • The Digital Field Trip to the Wetlands – experience Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada – features learning about Wetland Types, the Study of a Bog, Mechanisms of a Wetland, and Endangered Wetlands
  • The Digital Field Trip to the Rainforest – experience Belize’s tropical rainforest – features a Rainforest Study and learning about Rainforest Types, Mechanisms of a Rainforest, and Endangered Rainforests,
  • The Digital Field Trip to the Desert – experience FIVE deserts in the southwestern United States – features learning about Desert Types, a Desert Study, Mechanisms of a Desert, and Human Impact

The DVD is very easy to use.  You can simply run right from the DVD, or you can install it on your Windows OR Macintosh computer for better performance.  I would agree with the website’s statement that these field trips are suitable for all ages, just as you would take your whole family out to a field trip, you can all enjoy these digital ones. My 6-year old was easily navigating the program, clicking on the flora and fauna, viewing pictures, watching the video clips, and reading the information with a little help from mom and big brother. You can follow along the trail and click on each destination along the map.  On each location you can rotate 360 degrees to look all around, then click on various flora and fauna to learn more about them.  There are interactive games as well.

Printable worksheets and teacher sheets (in pdf, word, and other formats) are included on the DVD – these are suitable for high school age according to the Digital Frog website, but I wouldn’t hesitate to also use them with upper elementary.

The timing of our receiving this DVD-Rom couldn’t be better.  We’re currently studying the Earth sciences in our homeschool, and we will be using each of the three field trips to highlight our climate study 🙂  I’m sure we’ll also be pulling these out again just for fun in the future.

The Digital Field Trip Series DVD-Rom costs $125 (or $135 for use on up to 3 computers).  OR you can purchase individual CD-Rom’s of each of the Field Trips separately for $60 each.  Online purchases are processed through PayPal in US dollars, Canadian customers should contact 1-800-621-FROG (3764) to order. Shipping costs across North America are as little as $7 (for a 1-2 CD purchase).  Try before you buy – get the FREE demo version HERE!

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