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How Do We Know God Is Really There? Children’s Book Review

how-do-we-know-god-is-really-there-.jpg Apologia is launching a new series of picture books for children, designed to introduce kids to the important questions of the Christian faith. How Do We Know God Is Really There? is the first in the series.

How Do We Know God is Really There? follows a boy and his father as they go about their usual evening routine, viewing the night sky through their telescope. This quiet moment leads to one of those terrific parent-child discussions we parents are familiar with – the son asks the question which forms the title of the book. The father’s proof of God’s existence draws upon the topic of astronomy, and includes Edwin Hubble’s observations of our expanding universe and the fact that everything has a cause.

This book makes a great read-aloud and is designed for children up to about age 8. My 9 year old daughter still enjoyed reading it, though. The fanciful drawings by Chrisopher Voss and sturdy, sewn binding, make this a beautiful book. You can see for yourself: download a sample of How Do We Know God Is Really There?, which contains the opening pages of the book.


How Do We Know God Is Really There? is just $16.00 US plus shipping.

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**I received How Do We Know God is Really There? as part of the Mosaic Reviews program. All opinions are my own.**


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