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Homeschool Tech

We love using technology in our homeschool!  Here are some of the technological gadgets we use…

  • Computers – of course!  I really don’t know how homeschoolers did it before the advent of the PC.  We had both our laptop and our PC conk out on us simultaneously this past homeschooling year and it was awful waiting for them both to get repaired!  We use Teaching Textbooks and Star Wars Math CD Rom’s for math.  Our Tapestry of Grace curriculum is the digital, computer edition.  My children also learn computer programming, their first introduction being through the Logo program.  And of course the internet is an absolutely fantastic resource – from e-books and games to curricula and webinars.  You can browse some of my great finds under Free Homeschooling Resources.
  • iPod Touch – this is a recent addition to our homeschool.  The children supplement their learning of ASL and various foreign languages in really fun ways with various app’s.  We also have app’s to drill math facts, app’s for Geography, a star map app for this year’s study of Astronomy, and so much more.  We read a multitude of free books on our iPod as well, and I have my Schoolhouse Planner on my iPod.  I think I’ll have to do a separate post on iPod’s soon 🙂
  • Wii – we use our Wii in our homeschool.  I have blogged about a couple of ways we use it for educational purposes HERE and HERE.  We also have recently acquired a dancing game, Just Dance, which really makes us sweat and we’ll likely be using it on those cold winter days to get some exercise.
  • Videos/Movies – we will often borrow movies from the library as part of our homeschooling education.  This year we will be viewing some Shakespeare plays.  Last year we watched The Ten Commandments, among others.
  • CD’s – We often listen to CD’s in the car, in the spirit of Carschooling.  We will repeat after our language CD’s, sing along with skip-counting songs or the Prime Ministers of Canada songs, or songs in other languages.  It always seems much more fun in the car.

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