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MORE wonderful free educational stuff on the Wii :)

Since we hooked up the internet through our Wii (Internet Channel) and started playing those great educational games, we’ve found more educational stuff on the Wii.  Download for free the following channels on your Wii…

Forecast Channel
This shows you not only the weather – you can see the weather in 3-D all across the interactive world map!  We looked up how warm it is in Bogota, Colombia, where are current International Student here is from, as well as places across the world we are studying at the moment.  There are great Geography, weather, and climate teachable moments to be found!


News Channel
Boring scrolling news like CNN?  Wrong!  Not only can you and your (older) child keep up on current news across the world, but the world map pops up and shows you WHERE in the world the current news stories are coming from!  Click on it and up pops the news story to read in its entirety.

Everybody Votes Channel
Polls on wide-ranging topics that each person in the family can cast their vote on, including what they think the outcome of the poll will ultimately be.  What’s the educational value of this one?  Well, here we have a type of voting, but not only that, statistics are kept on how often each of your family members are right about the outcomes when they vote, and how close the opinions of each family are to each other, etc.  That’s right, mathematical concepts!

If you haven’t yet connected your Wii to the internet, see my previous post about that HERE.



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