2 Things to Do for Yourself on Mother’s Day

As a mother, especially as a homeschooling mother, it can be easy to get frustrated, discouraged, and downright grumpy. With your kids stuck to you most every moment of the day and the homeschool year still dragging on, it can be hard to keep perspective on it all. Why did you decide to be a SAHM or a WAHM? Why on earth did you start homeschooling anyway?

things to do for yourself on mother's day

2 Things to Do for Yourself on Mother’s Day

There are two things I try to do for myself every year and they both involve reading, something I find very difficult to ferret out time to do these days (as a homeschooling WAHM)! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat yourself! You can even sit back in a bubble bath and read (my personal favourite) or tell your family you’re going to the local coffee shop for an hour. So, what should you read to get some perspective and stay refreshed?

1) Read a book about parenting. We’re all parents first, regardless of how or where are children are learning. It can be easy to feel like nobody else is going through the same challenges with their kids. Reading a parenting book can remind you that we ALL go through those challenges! And even more important, you’re not a bad parent because your children aren’t perfect Stepford children! Mine sure aren’t. To my horror, one of them even turned into a fairly typical teenager, ack!

Reading a parenting book also reminds me of all those little skills or tricks I have learned in the past and have someone forgotten to use. This includes, listening to my kids and getting their eye contact and/or putting a hand on their shoulder before requesting something of them. It’s easy to be so focused on what needs to be done that we forget about connecting! This year, I’m already reading great parenting books from the parenting section of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

Because I’ve been more of a grumpy mom than a great one recently, I’m starting with From Grumpy to Great.

2) Read a book about homeschooling. Even if you’ve been homeschooling for ten years like me, reading a book about homeschooling can not only refresh you, but give you new ideas. Most of the time I like to read a book I’ve never read before, but sometimes I will pick up old favourites like The Well-Trained Mind and read over their personal stories to give me a boost.

This year, I’m starting with Homeschooling Day by Day.

What books will you make a point of reading this year? What things to do for yourself on Mother’s Day would you recommend? Please let me know in the comments below!

Happy homeschooling and parenting!

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