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Having FUN in Our Homeschool

Yes, homeschooling CAN be fun! Our homeschool often resembles a musical – at any time, one or more of us will burst into song! Here’s a roundup of just some of the ways my 16 year old son, my 11 year old daughter, and I enjoy having fun in our homeschool.

fun in our homeschool

Having FUN in our Homeschool

fun in our homeschool
Fun with Fibre
From needle-felting to sewing, and knitting to weaving, we love the fibre arts in our homeschool! Do a quick search in the right sidebar for Fibre Friday to check out all our adventures with fibre in our homeschool.

fun in our homeschool
Fun with Art
While my son is not into the visual arts, my daughter is! She doesn’t let a day go by without drawing, experimenting with nail art, or painting!

fun in our homeschool
Fun with English
I was an English and Drama major, so you can bet we have fun with it in our homeschool. We especially enjoy reading Science Fiction and Fantasy in our homeschool. Sometimes we read independently, but at times we enjoy reading aloud to each other or listening to ebooks (often while engaging in fibre arts). We also enjoy bringing books to life with drama. Shakespeare just isn’t the same sitting on the page!

fun in our homeschool
Fun in the Kitchen
We are a family who enjoys cooking and baking from scratch. Just yesterday, my daughter and I made biscuits and cinnamon rolls together. Cake decorating is one of her favourite things to do – we make a lot of fondant! My children each cook supper twice during the week. They often make breakfast as well. Their favourites are pancakes and waffles. My son is considering attending college to become a chef – something to lean back on when things are lean in the film industry.

fun in our homeschool
Fun with Games
We are a family of gamers. We love learning through board games. We even believe video games are fantastic, beneficial, educational tools! My daughter is thoroughly enjoying learning to code while exploring Minecraft thanks to Learn to Mod Minecraft.

How do you have fun in your homeschool? Please let me know in the comments below! Check out this blog post if you’re looking for even more ways to add fun to your homeschool day. Check out how other Canadian bloggers have fun in their homeschools here.

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  1. We are just getting started (4 and 2 yr old), but aside from doing or planning to do all the things you talked about we are very outdoorsy and make that a huge part of it – we play outside and learn about things outside but also we ski, sail, hike, run, bike, etc

  2. I love the flower art 🙂

    Our little is four and we have the most fun on our outings to the zoo and to Grandma’s house.

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