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I just finished reading And Then Mama Said…It Takes Time to Learn to Read with my almost 5 year old daughter. We have been starting to work on phonics with “The Phonics Road” and reading this now was perfect timing. My daughter enjoyed the colourful pictures of Splish, his family and friends. At the end of the read-aloud she said to me “I love you Mama” and gave me a big hug 🙂

This book is sweet and is such a delight to read about a Christian, homeschooling, frog family. Little Splish is learning phonics but upset that he doesn’t yet know how to read. His entire family loves reading and so do his friends. His mother is wonderfully patient, keeps teaching him, reading to him, and keeps telling Splish “It takes time to learn to read”.

I love how Splish finally “gets it” after his long hibernation – having taught my eldest child to read, I know that learning to read can happen just like this, one day they simply “get it”. The book even led to a discussion about hibernation and which animals hibernate, both in the story and where we live. I also appreciate that And Then Mama Said is not “dumbed down” – the language is rich, which is how we have always spoken to our children and we love to share books rich in language with them. As a result, this book can be read and enjoyed by any child struggling to learn to read, whether age 5 or age 10. I can see us pulling this book out many times in the coming days, to remind my daughter that she will be able to read someday, and to quell her frustrations.

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