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Zeezok: Z-Guide to the Movies – Review

We love enhancing our homeschool studies by watching movies as part of our homeschool day.  I was delighted to learn that Zeezok Publishing offers something for practically every area of history in the
movie guides they offer.

I requested the Z-Guide to the Movies for A Man For All Seasons, in exchange for an honest review.  We’re studying that time period in our homeschool, during the life of Henry VIII, and not only was this movie in our core curriculum, but also available on our Netflix subscription 🙂  Before watching the movie, we read the Z-Guide background information, which gave us the historical context of the film, as well as the synopsis (which you may or may not decide to read prior to watching the movie, if you don’t want to know in advance how it’s going to end).  We then printed out the questions to keep in mind during the movie.  My 12 year old son jotted down things he noted while the movie was playing.  Afterward, we had numerous possible pages worth of discussion questions – a total of 10 learning activities are provided in each Guide for in-depth study.  Some of these activities include using internet or library resources.  We learned more about King Henry VIII, Sir Thomas Moore, and the Tower of London., In particular, being fans of stage and screen, we enjoyed “The Filmmaker’s Art” activity, which focuses on movie-making techniques and how they affect our view of the movie.  I also like the “Family Discussion Questions”.  Writing assignments, a drawing activity and a crossword puzzle are also included in this Z-Guide for A Man for All Seasons.  At the end of each Z-Guide is also a resource list including websites and books for further study, and an Answer key (hooray) for answers to all those questions!  In total, our Z-Guide was 34 pages long.

Zeezok Movie Guides are recommended for high school age students.  However, if you have a child around junior high age, like me, and think s/he’s ready then I highly recommend giving it a try.  Each Z-Guide is $12.99 US in either e-book form or on CD.  Zeezok also sells the movies on DVD themselves, and they ship worldwide using USPS.  Unless you are buying a movie along with it, I would recommend just getting the e-book and saving on shipping.  (Shipping to Canada for one Z-Guide on CD costs $24.25 US).

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