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Your Guide to Examining Curriculum E-book – Review

Questions I always receive from new homeschoolers:  How do I homeschool?  What curriculum do I use?  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s new FREE e-book, Your Guide to Examining Curriculum, is a great place for new homeschoolers to start!  This e-book is comprised of a series of articles by various authors.

In “Choosing Curricula to Fit Your Family”, Cindy Horton goes briefly over the five most popular approaches to homeschooling:  Charlotte Mason, Classical, Textbooks, Unit Studies, and Unschooling.  Resources to help you determine your child’s learning style and ways to research curricula are also provided.

Heidi Pair shares how to adapt curricula to suit yours and your child’s needs, in “Finding a Fit in the Imperfect”.  I love her point that reading and writing skills don’t necessarily develop at the same time and the ideas such as acting as a scribe for your child, or accepting verbal answers in place of written.

Because one of the ways to research curricula is reading reviews written by other homeschool moms, a number of terrific reviews of various homeschool products are included.  One section includes TOS Magazine staff favourites.  Quite a few of these reviews are of products or vendors I already know and love, such as MathTutorDVD and Salem Ridge Press, and others are ones I’m going to have to take a closer look at myself 🙂  Haven’t found what you’re looking for in the reviews provided?  Links are included to a number of review sites so you can find what you need.

Click HERE to view the online version – if you’d rather have it as a pdf file, simply click on “Download” in the top right-hand corner.  Enjoy your free e-book 🙂


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