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Time4Learning – Week Two – Review

We have just completed our 2nd week experiencing Time4Learning in our home with my Primary and Grade 4 aged children.  I have started finding my way around the various Parent features of the site.  There is a Parent’s forum, Time4Learning Forum.  On the forum parents can chat with others on topics such as using Time4Learning, Homeschooling, and even links on supplemental resources.  You do not have to be subscribing to Time4Learning to check this out, and there is a section just for those who are considering trying Time4Learning to ask questions and get answers.  An entire Scope and Sequence is available for each topic.  You can also view your child’s progress and grades for what they have completed, and generate reports.  Something I like is that while I can access their grades, the grades themselves are not stressed, and do not pop up on the child’s screen.  As a parent you can also view all the questions to see what they had trouble with.  I have found it is easy to tweak what level your child is taking in each subject.  To simply try a new level – the level that shows in the top right hand corner is clicked to give it a try.  To permanently change the level, I simply logged in with my parent i.d., clicked options on a form and the level was changed that same day. 
My son is very much enjoying the Gr. 4 Language Arts lessons, currently having fun with synonyms, antonyms, and idioms, with hilarious and memorable animations.  My daughter seems to enjoy her Primary Language Arts lessons as well and she is happily speeding through all the sounds letters make.  You can learn more about what lessons entail at their Homeschool Curriculum Page.  Time4Learning also provides information on their website on how to use their program with special needs children, and how it can benefit those children with ADD, SPD, CAPD, Dyslexia, Autism, and Down Syndrome.
Also, very good news for those who were thinking that $19.95 US a month might be a bit steep, especially with the Canadian dollar not being as strong recently – families who try Time4Learning and enjoy it can sign up for a full year for each child for $169.95 US, a savings of $69.45, or just over $14 US per month.  They also have a review and referral program which awards members with discounts.

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