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The Little Man in the Map – Review

The Little Man in the Map  is a U.S. Geography book published by Schoolside Press.  Even though we live in Canada, our homeschool believes in having knowledge of our closest neighbours, the U.S.  If you have a visual child, this is a great way to learn the States.  It focuses on the shape of each State and relates it to something, such as the boots, legs, chest, face, and hat of “The Little Man in the Map”.  Those 5 States that make him up are a great spring-point to remembering the rest of the States.  The rhymes that make up the “clues” to remember the rest of the States may be a bit difficult to remember in their entirety.  My almost-5-year-old daughter very much enjoyed seeing the man spring out of the map, and the colourful pictures.  My 9 year old son was able to use the memory trick of identifying the shapes to remember States.  Free printable colouring pages from the book are available at the Schoolside Press website.  Also available for purchase is a wall map.  In the works is a booklet of activities to accompany the book, with ideas such as baking a clay map, and crosswords.  Cost for The Little Man in the Map hardcover book is $19.95 US on the website. offers the book for $26.68.Love, Luck &


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