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The 5 Money Personalities: A Book For Every Couple – Review

imageThe 5 Money Personalities is by Scott & Bethany Palmer, a married couple of financial advisors. They have found over the years that everyone has a primary and secondary money personality.  The 5 Money Personalities are:

  • Saver
  • Spender
  • Security Seeker
  • Risk Taker
  • Flyer

By reading the book, and taking the Money Personality Test together, I learned that my husband is a Saver-Security Seeker. And I am a Saver-Spender! That sure sounds like any oxymoron doesn’t it, but I think those two sides of me tend to balance each other 🙂 I even learned more about the dynamics of that in the book. We found out a bit of they “why” the two of us get along so well when it comes down to money – in large part because we discuss it openly, and we don’t hide money matters (which the Palmers call “financial infidelity”).

Inside The 5 Money Personalities’ pages, in addition to learning yours and your spouse’s Money Personalities, you will:

  • Relate to money squabble stories from other couples
  • Learn about Opposite Dynamics
  • Tackle financial infidelity
  • Practice The Money Dump™ and The Money Huddle™
  • Handle challenges like gift-giving and holidays with The 5 Money Personalities™ Survival Guide

This is a great video overview of what The 5 Money Personalities is all about:

Did you know that 70% of divorced couples divorce at least in part due to money problems in their relationship? A sobering statistic! The 5 Money Personalities is something every married couple should read, whether you’re newly married or have been married for twenty years. The Palmers believe that it takes 90 days to institute a new habit in your marriage. So take the Money Personality Test here with your spouse right now, read the book together, and form some new habits.

The 5 Money Personalities is just $18.99 ($8.99 on Kindle). I’m looking forward to handing my children each a copy when they get married someday!

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Please note: I received a digital copy of the 5 Money Personalities through Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and buy, I make a few bucks to keep up Homeschooling in Nova Scotia. Thanks for your support!

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