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Spears Art Studio – Review

Spears Art Studio offers fine art and Christian art curricula for Primary through high school.  We had the chance to enjoy the "Spears Art Studio K-8 Christian Art Curriculum" ("K" meaning Kindergarten/Primary).  It comes in the form of a CD-ROM from which you print out the pdf file pages you need for projects and lesson preparation.  Most of the supplies needed for these art projects are things you will already have on-hand at home, but others will be easily available at your local dollar store or craft store.  Click here for the entire K-8 supply list.  Each week includes a theme, with scriptures to read, points of discussion to cover, suggestions of real art to view and study, and an art project for each grade.  Also included are teacher evaluation (rubric), student evaluation, and class critique, which personally I didn’t engage in as I just want my children to enjoy their art – they’re already extremely critical of their own work to the point of perfectionism and I really like to stress the enjoyment of art.  There is so much included in this curriculum, that it is easy to run with the things that you like about it and leave the rest behind.  In fact, if you are less structured in your homeschooling, you could pull these projects out as you wanted to teach them instead of following the weekly schedule.
One of the best things about this curriculum is that it includes projects appropriate for each grade, as well as some projects appropriate for all grades.  As a result, this CD-ROM could be used for years in your homeschool, with each child doing a different craft according to his/her grade. 
In addition to homeschool, these art lessons would also be very useful for Sunday Schools.  There are some free sample lessons available on the website.  Of special interest at this time of year, are the ones for December 🙂  We have especially enjoyed incorporating the December lessons into our celebration of Advent this year.  The cost is $39.95 and shipping is FREE.  Cheque, money order, and Paypal are accepted.  Other products available on the website include a high school art curriculum and calligraphy course.


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