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Molly’s January Money-Saving Digest – Review

Molly’s January Money-Saving Digest is here!  I received Molly’s Digest free in exchange for an honest review 🙂  If you aren’t already familiar with Molly’s Digests, they are wonderful e-books packed with terrific money-savers for every aspect of your life.  Molly has declared 2010 the year to get organized!  She has included five organizational forms & a binder cover to help you get started on a household management binder, with more forms to come in each month’s Digest this coming year.

As always, you’ll find a week’s worth menu plan of delicious recipes.  A really great spin on grilled cheese sandwiches is included.  I was a little disappointed when I got to the Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake recipe and it uses a boxed cake mix – although I suppose a cake mix could be frugal, I really like baking from scratch myself.

Molly has started up a new section – the Kids’ Corner.  This month, the focus is on money – saving money, making a piggy bank, and opening a chequing account – things children should all have experience with.

I LOVE the pie-making section by The Homemaker’s Mentor, it’s definitely my favourite!  Many recipes for pie crust, as well as recipes for the pies themselves are included.  I can’t wait to try the Buttery Pressed Pie Crust recipe, which you just press into the pan, no rolling.  Also included are tips and tricks, along with pictures, for rolling out crusts, for making the dough in big batches and freezing it, for making your pies fancy on top, and how to make turnovers too!  What a great idea – I’d like to make a bunch of these turnovers and freeze them, ready for when I don’t feel like baking and we’d like a dessert.

You can purchase the January Molly’s Money-Saving Digest at The Schoolhouse Store for $4.95 US, where you can also download a free sample!  For more of Molly’s Digests, and her Pick-a-Pack of Five Special for $20 US, click HERE.  To read my other reviews, including some of the previous Digests, simply click on Reviews.

Would you like to keep up with all of Molly’s frugal tips?  You can join her at and read her wonderful daily tips, tricks and freebies, as well as sign up for her newsletter.  You can also follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.


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