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Molly’s December Money-Saving Digest – Review

Because homeschoolers are often pinching pennies to make ends meet, I very much enjoy bringing you these reviews of Molly’s Money-Saving Digests.  A copy of the December edition was provided to me in exchange for an honest review 🙂

As always, there are money-saving tips and recipes in the pages of the latest digest.  An entire week’s worth of menu-planning meals for supper-time are shared, including a terrific frozen recipe for meatloaf.  My whole family has really enjoyed the recipe for breaded chicken nuggets – I substituted the bread crumbs for more nutritious wheat germ and they didn’t even notice.  There are a few recipes for making your own candy, along with links for others, and how to turn the goodies into great gifts. 

In addition, there is fantastic idea-after-idea for low-cost gift giving – much  appreciated in my household this year!  You’ll find twelve easy, practical gifts to give, and links to ideas, as well as step-by-step instructions for things like making your own calendars with your children’s photos & artwork.  Ten food-gift ideas are listed along with recipes. I really like the Hot Mocha-mix recipe because I miss having the odd Mocha at Starbucks. 

Some ideas on focusing on the meaning of the season – keeping Christ in Christmas – especially for our children are shared, along with tips for staying sane and simplifying the season.  One idea shared that we already do, is taking three weeks off around the Christmas season to decorate, bake, prepare, and celebrate.  Also proposed is reducing the amount of people you give gifts to, or even doing away with gift-giving outside your immediate family altogether.  And there are ideas for decorating too, such as yummy-smelling cinnamon ornaments, as well as some non-Christmas decorating ideas for your home.  I’m going to be referring to this copy of the digest often as Christmas approaches!

The December Digest is available for download now for just $4.95 US at The Schoolhouse Store.  As always, all E-books published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine come with a money-back guarantee!


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