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Media Angels Book Review

Media Angels is "a publishing company dedicated to serving the needs of Christian parents, students and teachers."  They provide books, DVD’s, and online classes on Creation Science, writing and publishing, homeschooling, Science, as well as a series of novels.   They have a newsletter available as well, which includes Creation Science teaching info., experiments and activities, and links.  You can read archived newsletters on the website – just click on "Newsletter".  Receive free e-books just for signing up.

I was able to read one of the novels from The Truthseekers Mystery Series, "The Missing Link:  Found".  These books were begun when the publisher’s homeschooled daughter was only 12 years old.  What fun for a teen or pre-teen to read about other homeschooled children having such exciting adventures!  The book is about two homeschooled teens who travel to Florida with their family and end up getting in the middle of FBI investigations and a dig site with supposed evidence of the evolution of mankind.  The story is very fast-paced, something youth would enjoy.  They end up in the middle of a fire-fight, a close call with crocodiles, and all sorts of adventures.  They have debates with their evolution-believing cousin, presenting Creation Science arguments.  This would be a good book for children to read who are studying Creation Science, how it differs from Evolution, and how to support their arguments to present their case.
The Missing Link:  Found costs $8.99 US.  The entire series of three books is $22.00 US.  Study guides for each book are also available for $6.50 each or the entire set of books and Study guides for $40.00 US.  The study guides include vocabulary, questions and answers, plot development, setting and characterization techniques, writing activities, and related topics for further study.  Unfortunately I could find no shipping information on the website, but when I put something in my cart, there was a flat cost of $8.50 US either for one book or for the entire 3-book set complete with study guides.  Payment options include cheque/money order or Paypal.


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