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Math Games

We love playing games in our homeschool! In fact, since we delayed formal math instruction, our kids learned math exclusively through math games until about grade four. There are so many great math activities, such as learning through board games, songs, and even simply using a white board for math. Why not make math fun?

Math Games

Here is a collection of math games, including board games, printable games, and DIY games for you to check out!

Multiplication Practice Paperfolding by Kids Activities Blog – By simply folding some paper into “cootie catchers” you can create an informative math game for your kids to focus on anything from addition to fractions.

Math Wall Stickers (Reusable!) – Play with math on the walls! This set of reuseable wall decals are a great way to turn math into an interactive experience. Play Simon Says with math on the wall! “Simon says show one half.” Love it!

3D Lego Multiplication Graph via Frugal Fun for Boys – We have always loved Lego, but did you know because of their shape they are great tools for multiplication? This graph will help kids visualize multiplication in three dimensions.

Numbers & Counting Quiet Cubes Game – This game designed for ages 4-7 uses the roll of the dice to help teach ABCs, counting, and basic addition. The best part is the foam dice are designed to be super duper quiet for a truly peaceful learning experience!

Math Explosion Volcano Game – With this fascinating game, players are able to customize math facts with a math fact creator so that players of all ages can play for many years to come. Be the first player to explode the volcano by getting your math facts correct!

Connect Four Bingo Game – Everyone loves Bingo, and when you can take a game that’s already fun and turn it into something educational, everyone wins. Children will pay close attention so they can be the first to exclaim “BINGO!”

Aliens on Vacation multiplication game by Deceptively Educational – This printable board game requires a little setup, but it provides children with a chance to put their math skills to the test to get their aliens home from vacation.

Factors and Multiples Games – Play Monster Mash! A game that helps students understand greatest common factors and lowest common multiples.

Crazy Daisy Multiplication via Deceptively Educational – Looking for something cute? The Crazy Daisy Multiplication printable math game helps kids visualize solutions as they colour in a crazy daisy.

Whack It! Place Value Math GameIt’s no secret that kids love any game where they can get a little bit physical and give things a good whack, so why not teach math at the same time? This game helps with place values, but can be adjusted for other concepts.

What are your favourite math games? Please let me know in the comments below!

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