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KB Teachers – worksheets, activities & printables – Review

Do you love using worksheets and printables in your homeschool?  Then you’ll love KB Teachers, especially if you’re the kind of person who hates to browse the internet for free worksheets.  I received a subscription to KB Teachers in exchange for an honest review 🙂

KB Teachers has worksheets and printables for preschool through Gr. 12.  Some are black & white and some are full colour.  There is also a clip art gallery with several hundred images.  The site is easy to navigate, and to print you simply click the printer at the top of the page.  You cannot save a copy unless you have a PDF printer installed on your computer to turn it into a PDF to save, which I was able to do successfully.  This site really needs a search function – this would especially be useful for families who regularly do unit studies.  However, KB Teachers does offer to find it for you…”If you can’t seem to find what you are looking for, contact us. Chances are we have it! And if we don’t, we will build it.”

KB Teachers adds new, seasonal content from time to time – for instance currently there is a Fall selection, and Thanksgiving pages were added.  After Thanksgiving those pages will disappear, unless you have saved them using your PDF printer or you bookmark them before they disappear.  KB Teachers receive a regular e-newsletter highlighting new and relevant seasonal content available.

I am not a big fan of worksheets, and I have found tons of worksheets and printables just like this all over the internet.  However, I did find a great world fault map to use in our Earth Sciences studies this year.  And since my daughter is very into sign language lately, the “Make Your Own Morse Code or Sign Language Worksheet” (found under “Alphabet Factory”) is very cool.

KB Teachers can be accessed in a limited capacity for free.  You can view all the worksheets on the website, but only some of them do not have a big KB Teachers watermark written across them – this disappears with a paid subscription.  It costs $29.00 US for a 1 year subscription, and $49.00 US for a 2 year subscription.  KB Teachers offers a 30-day money-back refund if you are not satisfied.

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