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Fun With Art: See The Light Art Projects – Review

Art projects

In our homeschool, we have already had the pleasure of enjoying See The Light’s Art Class DVDs. My children and I were thrilled to receive a DVD from their Art Projects Series in exchange for an honest review 🙂

Since 2011, See The Light has been teaching drawing skills with a Biblical perspective and teaching Bible stories through art. I received the Sunflowers (in the style of Vincent Van Gogh) Art Project DVD to work through with my 9 year old and 14 year old.

Each DVD requires only basic art supplies such as pencils or pastels that homeschoolers probably already have on hand. The first thing we did was go out and buy a few supplies we needed. We had some oil pastels kicking around the house, but were in need of a new set, and were able to pick one up for just $6.99! Here are all the supplies we gathered (we didn’t have paper towels so we used the fancy fall napkins for cleaning the pastels LOL):

Art projects

While watching the DVD and going through each lesson, my children learned so much about Vincent Van Gogh and post-Impressionism, and so did I! I had no idea that he almost became a clergyman instead of an artist, and that he did missionary work.

Here is my son’s masterpiece. He is a reluctant artist, but I think he did a good job capturing post-Impressionism:

Art projects
My 14 year old’s sunflower creation

And my daughter just loves to draw. Can you tell?

My 9 year old's sunflower creation
My 9 year old’s sunflower creation

I had to force her to stop for the day after Lesson 1 on the DVD. I let her just work through all the rest of the DVD on day 2 LOL. She loved it so much! She was so inspired, she even started working on a tulip still life on her own. Both of my children worked entirely independently, right along with the DVD. I just enjoyed watching them 🙂

The Art Project DVD series is designed for ages 10 and up. Use the 9 DVD set as a half-credit course for your high schooler, or use the suggested activities for enriching the course and making it a full credit with this High School Fine Arts Credit PDF.

Learn more about the Art Projects DVDs at this link by watching the video at the top that says “click to learn more”. Click here to watch excerpts of the Tiffany Window DVD under “Videos” to see what Art Projects are like. You’ll find that artist Pat Knepley is both a skilled artist and a delightful, personable teacher. You can also Like and Follow See the Light on Facebook and Twitter, to access all sorts of great art ideas for your kids, daily.

Each individual Art Project DVD is $14.99 US plus shipping. The shipping cost is reasonable even to Canada – the site gave me a cost of only $3 for shipping to Nova Scotia. You can also buy the full year, 9 DVD set for $99.99 US. You may also like to check out my review of the Art Class DVDs.

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**I received this Art Project DVD in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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