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Cleaning House – Book Review

imageKay Wills Wyma  is a Christian, stay-at-home mother of five kids, ages four to fourteen. In Cleaning House, she shares about a year-long experiment she engaged in with her children. She realized that, like so many other parents these days, she was doing too much for her children, instead of teaching them life skills and nurturing them toward independence. We parents are probably all guilty of this, at least on some level. How many parents have laughed when their adult children call them to ask how to do the laundry, or how to change the toilet roll? Perhaps we should be teaching these things to our children *before* they leave the nest?

Each month, Wyma introduced new chores and their resultant skills in her children’s lives. From making the bed, to weeding, cooking, and even finishing a deck chair, Wyma worked on equipping her children for the future, and ridding them of their sense of entitlement. She shares about her year long odyssey in an engaging and entertaining manner.

The birthday breakfast my children recently made for me.
The birthday breakfast my children recently made for me.

Like many homeschooled children, my son and daughter already do quite a bit around the house. Cleaning House did inspire something in our own home though. My 14 year old son makes supper from time to time, and my 9 year old daughter occasionally likes to make breakfast for supper. So I sat them down with a meal planning form and asked my son if he would like to make a meal of his choice twice a week and my daughter if she would like to make a meal of her choosing once a week. My daughter immediately asked why she couldn’t make supper TWICE a week, too! I asked which two days a week they each wanted and now we sit down once a week and they tell me what they would like to prepare next week. My son’s favourite dish to make is Beef Stroganoff. My daughter just loves to make meatloaf.

This book is a must-read for every Christian mom, whether you want to be entertained, inspired, or both. But don’t take my word for it, you can Read Chapter One hereCleaning House is available at your local or online bookstore for the retail price of just $14.99. You can also check out author Kay Wills Wyma on Facebook.

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