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Bible Story Songs – Review

Bible Story Songs has an entire set of CD’s which tell Bible stories through song.  A few weeks ago we received "Moses, Vol. 1 – The First 80 Years From His Birth to the Crossing of the Red Sea".  We have been enjoying listening to it in the car and at home ever since.  My 5 year old and 10 year old have begun to be able to sing along a little bit.  We also discuss after we listen how they would feel in each of the situations, i.e. watching over their little sibling bobbing along in the water.  The entertaining songs are sung by a chorus of children, which appealed to my children.  As a music teacher, I particularly enjoyed when the two parts of the song that are sung individually, are then combined and sung simultaneously to form appealing counter-melodies.  In between each song is a narrative to illustrate the events in the story.  I can very much see the songs being performed as a skit or play, and I intend to put on at least one performance for "Daddy" in the near future.  This would also be thoroughly enjoyed by children at Sunday School, to either sing along or perform. 

CD’s range in price from $7.99 to $9.99 US.  They can also be bought in bulk to save from 15-50% off.  Shipping varies depending on where you are and the size of the package – I inquired as to how much one CD would cost to send to Nova Scotia, and was told it would be approximately $5 US via First Class International mail – this still makes for an affordable product overall.
Sheet music ($9.99) and lyric sheets ($4.99), (useful for performing in a group – although the words ARE included with the CD) are also available for purchase as PDF downloads.  Currently the lyric sheet to "David" is a free download.  Puzzle page books are $4.99 US each.


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