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A February Guide to the Night Sky for $3! – Review

PhotobucketClassical Astronomy (or Fourth Day Press) was started by The Ryans, a homeschooling family in Cleveland, Ohio.  They believed astronomy texts were limited in their illustrations and didn’t actually help students find their way around the night sky.  They also wanted to go back to the traditional, classical way of understanding the night sky, as it has been viewed, via simply the naked eye and telescopes, since ancient times.  I myself have been subscribed to their Classical Astronomy Update newsletter for a number of years, which has helped us keep up with happenings such as eclipses and meteor showers as they occur, and make them part of our homeschool.  Fourth Day Press just started a new Celestial Almanack series last month, and I received a download of Volume 1, Number 2 in exchange for an honest review 🙂

The Celestial Almanack Vol. 2, is a 21 page guide to the February night sky.  It is absolutely chock full of information.  My children and I all learned so much!  We have been reading the Almanack during the day, for the last week, and then star gazing at night, on beautiful, crisp, clear nights.  We’ve always loved the stars, and now my children are able to point out new constellations.

But it doesn’t just cover constellations.  Do you know what an analemma is?  It’s the figure-8 pattern that the sun makes in the sky (from our point of view), over the course of a year!  You may also find this shape marked on your globe at home.  And did you know that Venus and Jupiter are drawing toward conjunction this month?  They are those “extremely bright stars” visible in the sky, and you can watch them draw closer this month, right up into March.

Every single page is full of beautiful illustrations and photos, which really help students (and parents!) understand what’s going on in the night sky.  Everything is also explained in thorough detail, but also in simple enough language that everyone can understand.  My children, aged 8 and 12, both thoroughly enjoyed learning about astronomy with this e-book.  This is a really great way to split up a curriculum, into small chunks that focus on the immediate, what’s happening now, of the night sky.

You can download The Celestial Almanack Vol. 2 for just $3.00 US at Currclick!  It’s well worth the $3.00!  Free sample pages are available so you can see what it’s like for yourself, before you buy.  To see what other products are available, including the complete “Signs and Seasons” astronomy curriculum, go to the Classical Astronomy Website.  You can visit Classical Astronomy on Facebook and Twitter.  And don’t forget to sign up for their free newsletter!

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