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Yet Another Homeschool Advantage

I have shared about homeschooling advantages and benefits in other Blog Cruise Posts, such as The Key to Avoiding Homeschool Burnout, Time For Extracurricular Activities! and We Love Field Trips!.

Another Homeschool advantage is children being able to learn life skills they will need as adults.  Since homeschooling children are at home with their parents, they get to see and engage in all the regular household routines.  Cooking, cleaning, and household maintenance are all things they can easily learn at a young age.  Because my son was helping me with breakfast every morning, by the time he was 6 years old he would make pancakes from scratch and bacon all by himself.  In our household, we have morning, afternoon, and evening routines (a la Flylady).  My children, aged 7 and 12, both know how to:

  • cook and bake from scratch (my 7 year old with a little help from me since she is a beginner reader at the moment)
  • sew buttons, mend
  • do their own laundry
  • wash dishes and/or empty and load the dishwasher
  • clean the house – they each have daily responsibilities, and weekly we set the timer and pull task papers from a jar
  • make cleaning supplies from scratch
  • go shopping, i.e. for groceries
  • use a bank and a bank machine

In addition, my son knows how to do basic carpentry and has built us a coat tree.  He also knows how to chop wood, build a fire, and bleed the furnace.  My husband has taught him some automobile maintenance basics.

In future, we will teach them how to make a budget and keep track of their income and purchases.  My son will start learning that as he launches his own home business shortly.

I love how they learn a lot of this just by being here as I’m going about the daily routine.  It’s amazing how much children are capable of if you let them try.  This will prepare them so well for leaving the nest someday.  They will be able to grow into capable, independent young adults, knowing how to take care of themselves 🙂


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Kimberly is a homeschooling mother of two living with her dear husband of over 25 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She works from home as a homeschool coach and offers OBM, writing, editing, social media, and tech services. In her free time she likes to hand-spin, knit, read, volunteer in local theatre, and horseback ride.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Homeschool Advantage

  1. I agree about the life skills advantage!

    My 11 year-old can practically run a household. He can sort, wash, fold and put away laundry; clean bathrooms; wash floors; shovel snow; dust and cook (we love his pizza and cinnamon buns from scratch which he makes with no help, including the yeast dough.)

    Also, my kids have been learning to navigate routine outings that involve adult interactions. They are so comfortable with dealing with adults at the library, doctors office, grocery store and anywhere else they encounter them.

    1. That’s terrific, Lisa! It’s so empowering for them, too, that they can do things for themselves 🙂

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