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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for age 14-25

I just found out about The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and wanted to share!  It was founded in 1956 by His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh K.G. K.T.  In 1963 it came to Canada and can now be found in 130 countries around the world!

There are three Awards to achieve: Bronze when you’re 14 and up, Silver for 15 and up, and Gold for 16 and up.  The Gold Award takes the longest to accomplish and is the harder one of the three, most people start off with the Bronze and work their way up.

All you have to do is choose one activity that’s of interest to you in each of the four areas of the programme, set a personal goal and then work to achieve it.

Community Service:
Be a local hero by providing volunteer service to others and your community.

Personal Skill Development:
Do something different; develop a personal interest, social or practical skill.

Physical Recreation:
Gain a sense of achievement and good health through physical activity. Virtually any sport, dance or fitness activity can count.

Adventurous Journey:
Go on an expedition and find yourself!  Develop self reliance by planning, training and completing a journey of discovery.

Residential Project:
For Gold level only – Broaden your experience through living and working with others who aren’t your everyday friends for five days.

Homeschoolers can participate!  You can participate as an independent.  Many schools, Colleges and Universities have The Award as well.  You can also check with your local Cadets, Scouts or Girl Guides as you can participate through them.

This is something that will look great on a resume or a college/university application!  Check out the full details at:

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