Reflections on the Schoolhouse Expo March Preshow & Freebies

Last night was the March Pre-show for the upcoming Schoolhouse Expo. I had a fantastic time listening to the speakers and chatting with other homeschoolers!  The Expo also gave away some fabulous prizes.

The first speaker was Terri Johnson, of Knowledge Quest, Inc. spoke about Should We Teach With Tech? Although using technology like computers isn’t strictly necessary to teach your children, it sure can be a lot of fun.  Terri shared information on internet filters and how to protect your children while they’re using technology. I have downloaded a whole bunch of great apps for my iPod touch that she showed us she uses on her own iPad. And guess what, The Knowledge Quest, Inc. vendor booth features a few freebies for you to download – hurry on over because one of them expires March 20th: Knowledge Quest, Inc. vendor booth

Malia Russell of Homemaking 911 spoke about Home Business and Homeschooling: The Dynamics of Delegation . Coming up in May at the Schoolhouse Expo, Malia will be speaking on:  Momprenuer – Using Social Media to Grow Your Home Business. I run a few of my own home businesses, so I gleaned plenty of tips to make my household run more smoothly while homeschooling.  I really like her idea of hiring a personal assistant as your business grows.  Malia has some freebies available on the Expo page as well: Homemaking 911 vendor booth

Mary Jo Tate of was the last speaker of the night, sharing How Do You Do It All: Balancing Family Life and Home Business. I loved her ideas about planning your year, about sticking with your routines, and making lists.  Mary Jo also offers support for single moms.  Check out her freebies: Mary Jo Tate vendor booth

If you were not able to attend, those with Expo tickets will have access to the recorded sessions via the Expo To Go for the 2011 Schoolhouse Expo that will be released in June after the May sessions.  You can also purchase just the Expo to Go.  Go to The Schoolhouse Expo site for more information.  And don’t forget, the next event is the April 12th Pre-show!

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  1. Kimberly, it sounds like the pre-show went really well last night! I was terribly disappointed that I didn’t get to attend. My computer wasn’t working correctly, and I couldn’t get into the meeting!! I’m checking to see what happened, though, so I can be sure to attend the next one on April 12. I’m so glad it will be included on the Expo to Go so I’ll be able to listen to it later. 🙂

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