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2014 “Not” Back-to-School Blog Hop: Day in the Life Week

We’re enjoying the end of summer as we soak up some sun here in Nova Scotia during the last week of August! Yesterday, our international student from China arrived, and we are having great fun getting to know him.

day in the life

When we start back to homeschool, probably the week after next, my 15 year old son will be working on “Grade 11” and my 10 year old daughter will be working on “Gr. 6”. As homeschoolers, we can begin and end the homeschool year when we want, or even school year round. Every homeschool family’s schedule is different. Some homeschoolers have their children do homeschool work for 5-6 hours per day (much like public school), but many others school only in the morning, only the afternoon, or sometimes only in the evening when their working parents get home. Some homeschoolers do schoolwork four days a week, some only four days a week, and some homeschool on weekends.

In our homeschool, we generally follow a September through June schedule, much like the public school. We are flexible, however, and often take a week off around our activities. When either my children or myself, or even the whole family are involved in a stage production, we usually take the performance week off. We also take days off when both kids are involved in dance competitions.

What does a day in the life look like in our homeschool family? In a typical week, we often get most of our homeschool work done Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a time for my children to work on some of their interests or to  tie up some homeschool loose ends. It doesn’t take long for my kids to get through their homeschool work. With neither my kids nor myself being early risers, a typical homeschooling day often runs from about 10am-2pm. This leaves time for my children to explore their own interests and time to head out to extracurricular activities, which we often engage in six or seven days a week! Again, we’re flexible, so if my teen doesn’t wake up until noon some days, he can just get his work done later in the day. Both children will often decide in what order they wish to work on their subjects throughout the day.

Homeschooling really is a way of life for us. We love the flexibility, and not having to worry about the rush for the school bus. Something I also love about homeschooling is that learning becomes a 24-7 occurrence – there have been many times when my children have exclaimed excitedly about learning something in the “off” hours!

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day in the life

What does a day in the life in your homeschool look like?

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It’s a “not back to school photo” hop. This time, share your students! All too often, homeschoolers forget to take that token not-back-to-school photo. So, you can wear a backpack and new shoes like the typical first-day-of-school photos, or you can wear a batman costume, goggles and barefeet – like my homeschoolers. Come as you are. First-day-of school photos shared. Linky will go up on Monday 8/19!  Join the student photo hop here.  – See more at:


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