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2013 “Not” Back-to-School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop - Curriculum

It’s planning time…Here we are about a month away from the beginning of our homeschool. I am not anywhere near ready to start thinking about it! We just finished performing in a children’s play last week and are back in rehearsals for Les Miserables for the second round of performances. Furthermore, I am up to my neck in music to learn for an upcoming theatre workshop and musical revue. Phew! I do have a lot of curriculum mapped out in advance, since we are continuing along the same path again this year, and much of what I need for my 9 year old is already on the shelves, having been used by my eldest. We basically follow what The Well-Trained Mind suggests, with some tweaks and additions. So, here is our rough curriculum plan this year.

For both children:
Tapestry of Grace, Year 2 (covers History, Geography, Language Arts/Literature, Bible) combined with reading & curricula suggestions from The Well-Trained Mind
The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book – we will be continuing to go over the table of elements together, one element at a time
Rosetta Stone French – we finally bought this last year because it has been on sale, and will be continuing on with it this year – my youngest going at a slower pace

For my 14 year old:
Teaching Textbooks: Algebra 2 (already purchased at Conference)
Astronomy: A Self Teaching Guide
Henle Latin – we are continuing with this (I need to pick up book 2)
The Well-Educated Mind – we are using this as a supplement for our studies of Literature
A Rulebook for Arguments & Classic Rhetoric for the Modern Student (I have to pick this one up, hopefully used) – for our Rhetoric studies


For my 9 year old:
Teaching Textbooks: Math 6
Various Astronomy books (already on our shelves)
Prima Latina/Latina Christiana
Mind Benders – my daughter has zoomed gleefully through this whole series of Critical Thinking Co. books and I believe she only has 2 left!

And I will be keeping track of everything using The Ultimate Planning System and My Home School Grades!

What are you using this year? Are you excited about something new you found for this year’s studies? Feel free to join in the 5th Annual “Not” Back-to-School Blog Hop and check out what curricula other families are using:


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