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Halifax: Young Naturalist’s Club Presentation Sept. 15

The Young Naturalist’s Club will be meeting on Saturday Sept 15 at the MNH (10:30am-11:30am) for a presentation on Trees, shrubs and berries! with Karen Harper, Plant Ecologist, from Dalhousie.
Do you love picking berries in the wild? Karen is going to give a presentation on trees, shrubs and berries. Learn some interesting facts about how trees and shrubs form the structure of the forest and provide habitat for animals. Find out how to identify berries that can be picked around Halifax . There may even be some to eat!

Karen Harper is a plant community ecologist at Dalhousie University . She studies the patterns of vegetation, especially the edges of forests, and how they change over time. She is interested in forest structure which includes trees and shrubs.

Contact for more information on this and upcoming field trips.

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