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FREE Online Art Classes with Mark Kistler!

Photobucket Mark Kistler is offering FREE, LIVE internet video art classes streamed on:

Mondays and Tuesdays at 12 noon Atlantic (10am Central Time), 4pm Atlantic (2pm Central), 8pm Atlantic (6pm Central), and 10:30pm Atlantic (8:30 pm Central).  Saturdays at noon Atlantic (10 am Central) and 2pm Atlantic (noon Central).

YOU DO NOT NEED A CAMERA OR A MICROPHONE, you will be communicating via built in student texting, hand raising and response icons.  You will need:

1.  A laptop or desktop computer (iPads and tablets are not compatible at this time).

2. High speed Internet access (you will be streaming “Skype” type real time video).

3. A pencil and some paper for an AWESOME drawing adventure!

CLASSES ARE FREE FOR YOU THROUGH OCTOBER 30! Feel free to visit one session or a dozen lessons!

Here is how you join a Virtual Classes.

1.  Visit

2.  Look at this cool site and look at last weeks drawing lessons in the “Lesson Gallery”.

3. Go to the “Contact” tab and an email requesting your free “Be My Guest” Pass.


Love, Luck &


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