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2014 Reader Favourites

2014 reader favouritesHappy New Year! 2014 is over. Can you believe it? It’s always interesting to see which posts were the most popular (had the most page views) over the course of a year. Knowing what you, my readers, love most helps me determine what to give you more of in 2015! I hope this post also helps you catch some posts you may enjoy and missed the first time around! Here are your favourite posts of the year!

2014 Reader Favourites

Number 1: Sewing a Frozen Elsa Costume (Part 1-3)

sewing a frozen elsa costume

Collectively, these three posts about the process of making an Elsa costume for my daughter’s dance solo, are the favourite post. There must have been a lot of little Elsas running around this year.

Number 2: Teaching Kids to Knit

teaching kids to knit
I love knitting and thoroughly enjoyed teaching my own kids to knit, starting when they were each about 4 years old. Here you will find some tips for getting your children started.

Number 3: Educational Board Games

educational board games
Board games are a big part of our homeschool and our lives in general. In my opinion, all board games are educational. Here you will find some of our favourites and what your kids can learn from them.

Number 4: Day in the Life Week 2014

day in the life
Here you will find out what a typical day is like in our homeschool, with one Gr. 11 and one Gr. 6 student this year.

Number 5: Not Back to School Day 2014

not back to school day 2014

We love to celebrate the first day of homeschool as a Not Back to School Day with other homeschoolers each year.

Number 6: Culinary Arts in the Homeschool – Cake Decorating

cake decorating
My 10 year old daughter has been heavily into cake decorating this year. I share what she’s been up to and a great resource to help with the culinary arts in your homeschool.

Number 7: Delay Formal Math?

Delaying formal math is a surprising concept for some homeschoolers, but it has worked well for us. We waited until each of our kids were around Gr. 4 until we introduced a formal math curriculum. Read what we did instead and how it worked.

Number 8: Curriculum Week 2014

curriculum week

Every year we share what curricula we are using (or planning to use). Read about our 2014-2015 curriculum plan.

I hope you enjoyed Homeschooling in Nova Scotia in 2014! I’m looking forward to sharing in 2015. Did you have a favourite 2014 post? Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions for you or your homeschool? Please let me know in the comments below!

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