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TOS Homeschool Crew Blog Walk – Week 1

I have terrific news!  I will shortly be bringing you, in addition to my usual reviews, even more homeschool reviews!  I have been accepted once again into The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew!

As the 2010-2011 homeschool year gets underway, we in the TOS Homeschool Crew will be getting ready to steer you towards great products!  There are approximately 260 crew members. We are going to visit ten crew members per week 🙂

Here are the very first ten for you:

1. Alane @ Reaping a Harvest : Is a Classical homeschooler and uses the Tapestry of Grace curriculum 🙂

2. Lexi @ Pink & Orange Coffee:  Is also a Classical homeschooler, uses The Well-Trained Mind curriculum, and loves cats.
3. Alina @ Live, Laugh, Learn!:  I LOVE the name of this blog 🙂  Alina is homeschooling after school – something we thought we would be doing at the very beginning.

4. Mrs. Mandy @ Mrs. Mandy’s Musings:  Is about to start homeschooling through high school.

5. Wonder Mom @ The Fantastic Five:  Has some beautiful pictures of her young children enjoying their schoolwork and play.

6. Amber @ Refined Metals Academy: This homeschooler was homeschooled by her own parents 🙂

7. Amy @ Just A Moment in Time:  A former teacher and mother of two.

8. Angela @ Providence Farm:  Watch some videos of life on a farm.

9. Angela Richter @  My Journey:  Homeschooling mother of three.

10. pebblekeeper @ Petra School:  “A Transparent View of Relaxed Homeschooling” – a look at unschooling

Watch for a new list weekly!

Love, Luck &



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