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TOS Crew Blog Walk – Week 7

Join me in perusing this week’s featured blogs on the TOS Homeschool Crew…

1. Closing Time – Erin is homeschooling mom to two girls, 6 yrs and 4 yrs – I LOVE her entry “Thinking Outside My Own Box”
2. One Blessed Mamma – This homeschool mom lives in the U.S. and I love her  beautiful pictures – check out the pics of her family dressed up as cows for a free meal 🙂
3. El Cloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet – April is a homeschooling mother of 7 living in the country. I’ve known her for years since we were both on the first TOS Crew 🙂
4. Alive in Spirit – homeschool mother of two daughters and like me, loves the Workbox System
5. Ozark Rumblings – a homeschool mother of one – check out the pictures of her local Vacation Bible School
6. Army of 5 – this homeschool mother and veterinarian shares her life with three children in the U.S.  – I love the pictures of the horses!
7. Fenced In Family – homeschooling two boys – one in Gr. 4 and one in Kindergarten
8. Debbie’s Digest – Debbie has 4 kids aged 13-24 and lives in Delaware – watch the Goofy cartoon “Teachers are People” she’s linked on her blog LOL.
9. Footprints in the Butter – Debra is running a giveaway for a fantastic children’s Bible until July 31st.
10. Got Chai? – Denise I have known for awhile as well as we were both on the original TOS Crew.  She and her family love to dance and I love to read about things dance-related on her blog.

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