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TODAY ONLY! Exciting Nova Scotian Homeschool Freebie of the Day

The Mysterious Pirate Pit (MP3 Audio)

A story you and your children here in Nova Scotia are probably familiar with, but if you aren’t, what fun to discover…

Almost 200 years ago, three boys found an odd tree and a shallow round pit on deserted Oak Island in Nova Scotia and realized that they may have actually stumbled across buried pirate treasure. But when they started to dig… they were amazed and mystified at what they found. This is an amazing story about one of the most mysterious and fascinating puzzles ever devised. This great radio program is courtesy of our sister site, Homeschool Radio

Bonus! Today’s audio program also comes with a coloring page AND videos to watch after you listen to the story! (Don’t cheat and watch the videos first… listen first, THEN check out the videos!)

Here’s the link:  The Mysterious Pirate Pit

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